Who are the courses for?

The All Nations advanced short courses are for those involved in and looking to deepen their understanding of the theory and practice of mission in diverse contexts (both in the UK and beyond). The courses are at postgraduate level and ideal for those looking to update their knowledge of cutting edge theory and practice from a biblical perspective. Participants should ideally have a minimum of two years’ relevant experience to the course they are accessing. However, the courses are also suitable for practitioners who are moving into new areas and contexts in their mission involvement. The advanced short courses are now delivered as intensive, or modular courses.

Intensive courses are 4 to 5 days long, and are classroom based and residential. The course will involve both a mixture of input and discussion, drawing on students own experience from around the world.

Modular courses involve 2 to 3 hours of lectures weekly over a period of 10 weeks, combined with self study. Courses can be accessed on campus or remotely.

Please note that academic credits are not available for our Advanced Short Courses

  • Biblical Foundations for Mission

    11 January - 20 March, 2021
    MODULAR ​Tuesdays, 9:30am - 1:00pm NOW FULL

    This course provides participants with an opportunity for an in-depth exploration of key biblical themes and texts which have had a major influence on the churches understanding and practice of mission, enabling students to critique and evaluate their own understanding and practice of mission from a biblical perspective. The course is taught by Dr V.J. Samkutty a highly experienced Biblical scholar and teacher.     

  • Advanced Short Course


    11 January - 20 March, 2021
    MODULAR Tuesdays, 2pm-5pm

    This course provides participants with an in-depth examination of the theory and practice of leadership from a biblical perspective, and examines how this works out in diverse cross-cultural contexts. The course includes an overview and critique of key leadership theories, New Testament models of leadership, the role of emotional intelligence, building resilience in leadership, and the role of the leader in shaping vision, values and culture.  The course is taught by a variety of people all with extensive experience of cross-cultural leadership in a mission context.    

  • Advanced Short Courses

    Methods and Models of Contextual Theology

    11 January - 20 March, 2021

    This course provides an introduction to Contextual Theology and allows students to study the origins of the discipline and its validity within the field of theology. Using Stephen Bevans’ Models of Contextual Theology (Maryknoll, N.Y.: Orbis Books, 2002) as a core text, students of this course are able to examine and evaluate the methods and models of contextual theology drawn from a multitude of Christian traditions and from different parts of the world. Particular attention is paid to...

  • Advanced Short Courses

    Multicultural Ministry

    11 January - 20 March, 2021
    MODULAR Thursdays, 2pm-5pm

    This course is particularly aimed at those wanting to explore the opportunities and challenges of ministry in a multicultural context. It is especially relevant for those already involved in an ongoing ministry within a multicultural church or engaged in ministry within a multi-cultural context. Participants will be enabled to study the multicultural church phenomenon in depth, and interact with and learn from those experienced in the area of multicultural ministry.

  • Principles and Practices of Community Transformation

    11 January - 20 March, 2021
    MODULAR - Mondays 9:30am - 1:00pm
    This course provides participants with an in depth look at understandings and concepts of poverty, injustice and inequality and examines and critiques approaches to addressing these issues from both a secular and biblical perspective. The course enables participants to evaluate and critique their own experience of development from a Christian faith based perspective and deepen their understanding and practice of approaches that bring about transformational change at the level of individuals, communities and society.

  • Contextual Engagement with Islam

    22 -25 March, 2021
    INTENSIVE online optional
    This course brings together theoretical and practical components.  The theoretical component examines the existence and development of different movements within Islam. The practical element will look into issues encountered by Christian mission in different contexts.  The course builds on foundational knowledge in order to engage with the realities of lived Islam from a pragmatic perspective.

  • Advanced Short Courses

    Missiological Issues in Contextual Theology

    12 April - 18th June, 2021 

    This course focuses on the missiological issues that have an impact on the shape and context of any contextual theology. The changes within World Christianity in a 100 year period are examined in order to determine their impact on mission and contextual theology. Particular attention is also paid to how contextual theologies are shaped by...

  • Advanced Short Courses

    Multicultural Worship

    19 - 23 April, 2021

    This 5-day intensive course is aimed at those involved in or interested in ministry in multicultural settings. It is particularly relevant for leaders who are committed to developing multicultural forms of worship and liturgy. The course aims to give practical opportunities to explore liturgy and worship from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and examine how local art forms can be used to shape liturgy and worship for multicultural settings.

  • Mission Strategy

    19 – 22 April, ​2021
    online optional
    This course is suitable for those currently involved in or likely to be involved in the development of mission strategy at a church or organisational level. Delivered by experienced mission practitioners and thinkers, this course will equip participants to develop effective strategies for missional engagement in the current global context. Lessons will be drawn from historical models of mission strategy. Current global trends in mission will be examined, and strategic planning approaches, tools and frameworks explored. 

  • Crucial Issues for Mission in Britain and Europe

    Crucial Issues for Mission in Britain and Europe

    5 – 9 July, 2021
    INTENSIVE Online, Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm

    This 5-day intensive course is aimed at those who are involved in Christian mission in Britain and Europe. The course takes an interdisciplinary and contextual approach to mission studies and aims to equip the students with an understanding of the key issues and challenges of mission in Britain and Europe: identity, secularisation, migration, nationalism, Islam, and Covid-19!  At the end, you will have tools that will help you reflect on your own mission practice for years to come. 

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